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  1. My recent experience with Dr. Mosquera and his wife Dr. Juliana Cubides was outstanding. As a former patient of Dr. Davis I was quite nervous to switch after Dr. Davis had retired and I had a dental emergency. My fears were soon eliminated by his very caring and competent receptionist setting an appointment for me to meet them before scheduling the replacement of a 21 year old dental bridge that needed replacement or risk infection. I had recently undergone knee replacement surgery that did not go well and had several issues to deal with in addition to dental work. Both Dr. Mosquera and his lovely wife were the ultimate professionals. The resulting work was painless and every precaution was given so that I did not get infected and was comfortable. I highly recommend them as dentists and welcome them to our area, bringing the latest in techniques and highly professional skills in addition to a caring environment. Beatrice Kelley Solivita
  2. yesterday I had mouth surgery for implants. the doctor and his staff were wonderful consistently assessing my comfort and needs . I was so impressed with the surgery as well. The ambulatory professionalism and professional need for prioritizing the task at hand was also done with expertise and a sense of caring witch allowed me to relax threw out the entire procedure. It was refreshing to me to go to a MD office now days and to know that people care!!
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      Nora, Thank you for your trust . Surgery was a successful outcome from you and our team . So happy for you. Dr Mauricio Mosquera DDS Family First Dental Our Family caring for yours
  3. My experience with Dr. Mosquera and his wife Dr. Juliana was the best I ever had. I'm one of those person who is terrified about going to the dentist. I do my annual cleaning and whatever work I might need done, but other than that I prefer not to step inside a dentist office. They knew about my fear and truly make a great effort to ensure I was calm and relax during my time there. I was explained everything that was going to been done to me prior to it. This gave me a feeling of relaxation and calmness inside as I was listening to Dr. Mosquera and watching through a glass window a couple of squirrels chasing each other outside on a big tree that stands right in front of one of the procedure rooms. Believe or not the squirrels outside made for an interesting feature to distract your mind from the procedure being done. I would think this would help children stay a little more relax during a visit. Overall my time there was pleasant and incident free. One other thing, I think we can all relate to is pricing. I found that Dr. Mosquera's prices were very good and in line with what other dentist charge. The professionalist of Dr. Mosquera and Dr. Juliana along with their stuff are truly second to none. The office seem to have been remodel and it looks amazing, it create a very soothing and calm environment which also helped me as I briefly waited to see Dr. Mosquera. The cleaningness of the office was easy to see throughout the whole office, this is something that is also important to me. The receptionist was also very attentive and polite and was the first person I told about my fear of dentists and immediately she show concern and interest in learning how to help me feel more relaxed and at ease.I will definitely be coming back to see Dr Mosquera and his wife Dr. Juliana. They are both fluent in English and Spanish.
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      Dear Javer , thank you for trust on us , we here to serve you on any dental need and make your experience every time better . Dr Mauricio Mosquera DDS Family First Dental Our Family caring for yours.
      • Yes what a great and caring team that is rare so thank you!
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          Thank you Nora you are a great patient , always here for you..... Dr Mosquera Family First Dental Our family caring for yours .
  4. Wonderful doctor and staff definitely recommend this dentist for your entire family and friends.
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      Camila , it was a pleasure to be the Dentist for all your family . Dr Mosquera Family First Dental Our family caring for yours !

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