Gum Health

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

The term “periodontal” means “around the tooth” and usually refers to the gums. In order to prevent and treat gum disease, we will recommend the least-invasive and most affordable options before considering surgery. There are two main non-surgical therapies for gum disease: scaling and root planing, and tray delivery systems.
Scaling and root planing are done if plaque and tartar have accumulated below the gum line. The buildup of plaque bacteria and tartar can cause infection, compromising the teeth and the bone that supports the teeth.
We will numb your mouth to keep you comfortable while we do a very deep cleaning of your teeth roots below the gum line. After plaque and tartar are removed, root planing (smoothing) is done to keep bacteria from forming on the teeth. Smooth teeth make it more difficult for bacteria to take hold, and they are a clean surface for your gums.
Tray delivery systems are a topical treatment for gums. Trays are made from custom impressions of your teeth, much like those used for teeth whitening. You place the medication that we prescribe in the trays, and simply wear them around the house for a little while each day. We will evaluate your specific condition and recommend treatment based on our findings.

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