Dentistry for the Whole Family

Numerous tools are used in the fight against dental decay and tooth loss. These include regular professional cleanings from our hygienist, sealants, sport guards, night guards and patient/parent education.


Preventive care and maintenance remain vital to good oral health as we age. The prevention of tooth decay and gum disease through brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits will keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime.


Once tooth decay starts, it is important to address it quickly. We will clean out the decay and use tooth-colored or safe silver fillings to keep your tooth intact. If a cavity has infected the pulp or is causing you pain, a root canal may be needed. A root canal can save a damaged tooth by removing the pulp, filling it, and covering it with a crown for strength and appearance.

Nitrous Oxide – to help patients relax

Breathing Nitrous Oxide is a very helpful means for relaxation during dental treatment for many of our patients. The gas is simply inhaled in combination with oxygen for the desired relaxation. The gas is very popular because no lingering sedation results, meaning you will be able to drive yourself home immediately following your dental appointment. Many patients use this means of relaxation during their routine cleanings or periodontal care.

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