Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

Many people do not see a dentist on a regular basis. They go only when they have a problem. We call this “crisis treatment” as opposed to “preventive treatment.” While these patients may feel they are saving money, it usually ends up costing much more in both dollars and time. The reason for this is that most dental problems do not have any symptoms until they reach the advanced stages of the disease process. A simple example is tooth decay. We often hear, “Nothing hurts… I don’t have any problems.”
But tooth decay does not hurt! Until, that is, it gets close to the nerve of the tooth. By that time, root canal treatment followed by a post, buildup, and crown are often necessary, instead of the filling which could have been placed several years earlier when the cavity was just beginning to form. Your dentist can usually detect a cavity 3-4 years before it develops any symptoms. It is not uncommon to see a patient with a huge cavity and who has never felt a thing! This is why regular checkups are important – so why not schedule yours today?

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  1. Great experience! Highly recommended! The place is very nice and clean. Great customer service. Everybody is very friendly
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  2. My wife and I relocated to Central Florida this past May and were in need of finding a new dentist. By chance, while searching online, Family First Dental's website caught my attention. I was impressed with the information provided on their website so my wife called and we both scheduled appointments for that very same day. From the moment we walked into Family First Dental I knew that we had made the right choice. The office is clean, neat and bright and we were immediately welcomed with a big smile by Maria at the front reception area. Not long after that we were introduced to both Dr. Mauricio Mosquera and his wife, Dr. Juliana Cubides. Their big smiles and friendly conversation put us both at ease immediately and gave us more of the impression that we stopped by to visit old friends rather than it just being a dental appointment. I returned the following day for a root canal which I am fairly familiar with since I have had two done previously with other dentists. But this time was by far the best root canal experience ever. Both Mauricio and Juliana attended to me and made sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. There was never a moment of concern or discomfort throughout the entire procedure. When it was all done, I checked out with Maria who again made me feel comfortable and relaxed with her big smile and friendly conversation. If you need a dentist, look no further... this is the place to go!!!
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